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Growth through changing the e-commerce platform

In May 2012 the new online shop went live on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. A user-friendly, interactive shopping experience with a simple navigation enables customers to easily search for, access and buy a broad variety of products from ten main product categories. Intelligent linkage to the ERP-system allows for dynamic pricing and automated product additions in the online catalogue. The platform and the new processes comply not only with the legal, but also with the technical requirements for selling OTC and prescription drugs.

Go-live (months)



3rd-party supplier


Simple navigation increases customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction increased significantly due to quicker and more intuitive customer journeys. has already received more than 15,000 positive customer feedbacks via – which seems to prove Medipolis’ ambitious goals right.

Rising revenues after relaunch

By now, the online shop accounts for approx. 20% of overall annual revenue. Since the platform launch, the online revenue increased by 5% every month. In the meantime, a second online channel, Medipolis Intensiv, was established to supply B2B customers, such as hospitals, nursery homes and private practices, with prescription drugs, consumables and other medical appliances.


„BE EXCELLENT is the perfect advisor for our e-commerce activities, as the BE EXCELLENT team possesses an incredible experience around e-commerce processes and the Salesforce Commerce Cloud software platform.“

Ingmar Wegner
Managing Partner, MEDIPOLIS