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Parship relaunched their customer portal and integrated ElitePartner

The new solution was launched after three months of implementation in October 2016, and is available in 14 countries with 8 interfaces – each of them presented in their own language.





Over the course of the relaunch process, BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) completely rebuilt the customer portal.

They have strongly individualized the contact form with the following attributes:
• Adoption of question categories
• Data transfer and adaption of the form for logged-in user
• Pass Through Authentication


The relaunch also included the self-service portal, as it was no longer up-to-date and didn't fulfil the required usability criteria. BE EXCELLENT also integrated a guided path architecture for an effective request of information out of the intelligently working knowledge base. This ensures that Parship's customers receive quick and applicable replies to their enquiries.

In implementing this user concept, various technical challenges had to be overcome. Data is now continuously reloaded in the same page - and not linked as usual to standard response pages of the Customer Portal.
Furthermore, BE EXCELLENT reworked and adjusted Parship's answer and category management.

The customer portal is designed using Responsive Web Design principles.