Excellent sports & lifestyle wear

Riding the e-commerce wave

The new Quiksilver online shop went live in July 2012 on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform - in ten European countries, featuring four languages and after only a few months of implementation time. Quiksilver currently has three brands online – Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes - in 14 countries. The Quiksilver shops now contain the epitome of user-friendly check out, including guest check out and additional payment options such as credit cards and PayPal. The shop is seamlessly connected with Quiksilver’s social media presence to keep customers connected with the surf and sports community activities, events and idols. Cart abandonment rates were decreased by sophisticated search and intuitive, easy navigation.



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Interactive brand experience

The Quiksilver online presence is more than selling clothes and sports equipment – it is about lifestyle. The new sites feature highly visual and interactive content, such as videos, look books and detailed product descriptions.

OneApp architecture simplifies international rollouts

BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) built Quiksilver online shops using the „OneApp approach“ – a single global Salesforce Commerce Cloud based platform and infrastructure with emphasis on configuration of pre-existing integrations. All features, integrations and components that may be necessary are contained in the global OneApp code base and the whole feature set is configurable. Different third-party systems per region are back-integrated into the main OneApp code base and made available for shared purposes.

OneApp code base is shared across all regions, brands and countries. As features in the OneApp are virtually available to all sites, rollout of additional sites/countries is done by configuration and therefore comes with less implementation development. The net effect: rapid deployment of new sites.