Global product excellence

For the perfect grilling experience

Weber launched their new brand site with integrated Salesforce Commerce Cloud online shop in Germany and Austria at the end of March 2016 – after an implementation period of just three months. Dutch roll-out was commenced in July 2016 and stepwise roll-outs will continue to further European markets. Online shops in APAC and America will launch in the beginning of 2017. 






Cross-channel grilling experiences

The new launch allows Weber to close the circle on the ultimate brand experience. Weber's unique BBQ lifestyle moments can now be seamlessly experienced across all channels. Brand touch-points from local dealers to digital are all intrinsically linked. Digital and in-store experiences are interconnected.

The online range, which includes more than 580 barbecue and accessory products, will additionally be complimented by service offers like grill recipes, "Tips & Tricks" and "The Grill Academy". Customer service systems like personal product registration and "Weber ID" have also been integrated.

New feature: Comparing grills

BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) developed a feature for easy and quick comparison of different grills from the same category to simplify information search as well as product selection for BBQ fans. As a result, customers receive all product-specific information such as price, color, availability, functions and technical data in form of a well-organized table.

The product detail page displays customer ratings and availability as well as compatible product sets and accessories. The detail page of some grills may also include a product specific video which explains the benefits and functionality of the product in detail.

Responsive and user-friendly

The shop was designed according to responsive web design principles. The high degree of usability therefore is reflected in the compatibility with different devices, making it easy to use with smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.