28. August 2017

Amazon checkout in restaurants: Amazon launches “Pay Places”

Buy in-store and pay via tapping on a smartphone: By introducing the mobile payment system "Apple Pay", Apple revolutionized the market and proved that this concept totally catches on the customers. One month ago, Amazon followed and launched a pilot of their own mobile payment system "Amazon Pay Places" in selected restaurants of "TGI Fridays" in the United States.

Here's how it works: Users choose their desired dish in the APP "Amazon Pay Places", pay with their connected Amazon account and pick up their order at TGI Fridays.

Amazon's future plans for "Pay Places" haven't been specified yet, but experts assume a stepwise introduction to other restaurants as well as stores. That means customers soon may have the choice between paying cash, credit card, debit card or via Amazon account, using the App on their smartphones. However, Amazon hasn't released any information about how an in-store purchase could be connected to the user's Amazon account in the App so far.

In fact, online retailers and their customers have been benefiting for some time from the option of paying via Amazon account: In 2007, Amazon launched their service "Amazon Pay" (formerly "Amazon Payments"), enabling online retailers to tighten their checkout process by offering payment with an Amazon account. Presently, more than 130 shops and 33 Million customers have taken advantage of "Amazon Pay".

Amazon now extends "Amazon Pay" to the real world and calls it "Amazon Pay Places". This App is up to become a serious competitor for the market leader "Apple Pay". It remains to be seen when "Amazon Pay Places" will finally conquer Europe.