17. September 2015

Amsterdam – BEE extends international presence

BE EXCELLENT has opened a new office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in order to provide the best possible e-commerce consulting and services for the Dutch customers.

“The office expansion into the Netherland is the consistent continuation of our long-term strategy: to be represented in Europe’s most important markets.” said René Helbig, Managing Director of BE EXCELLENT. After the successful establishment in UK we also planned to extend our e-commerce activities into the Netherlands, which has a lot of potential due to its internet penetration of 96 % and e-commerce turnover of 14bn EUR in 2014. 

Our offices are located in Amsterdam’s Sloterdijk Teleport Towers allowing us to get closer to our local customers such as O’Neill. In addition to this, the local presence enables us to collaborate more quickly and efficiently with our customers, prospects and partners.

Our contact details in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Büro
Kingsfordweg 151
1043 GR

Phone +31 (0) 20 491 7109 
Fax: +31 (0) 20 491 9090