07. February 2018

BEE co-hosts round-table at the Retail Hive meeting

BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) is partnering with the Retail Hive and will co-host a round-table on the 28th of February at the fabulous SkyLoft in London.

Adopt, adapt, improve! Learn from your peers.
The Retail Hive is strictly for retailers only. It is a fairly new forum for retailer-to-retailer networking and collaboration which has been created as an alternative to the sprawling retail/e-commerce exhibitions that try to be all things to all people! When the curators of the network hear a lot of chatter about particular topics they host a live Hive meeting, inviting members to collaborate, brainstorm ideas, share pain and find solutions.

The attendee list for the event so far looks great - some really senior people there from the likes of Asos, Boden, House of Fraser, Lego, M&S, New Look etc!

The theme for the day is "engaging the connected customer" - sharing insight on many things from how to get the most out of social platforms and influencers, to getting a joined up view of your customer from across all channels.

Create an optimized customer journey.
In line with this, BE EXCELLENT will co-host the round-table with the topic "Seamless Cross Channel Customer Journeys". Are you a retailer and you want to learn more about how to create a consistent, cohesive experience across all channels at all times that's user-friendly and thoughtfully designed? Come and join our round-table.

Please send us an email if you are interested in registering. 

We look forward to seeing you there.