14. July 2015

BEE E-Commerce Education

The students of our e-commerce seminar at the University of Leipzig held their final project presentations on July 10th, 2015.

The students built their own online shop based on the Demandware platform. The hands-on project was preceded by theoretical sessions on:  e-commerce history, business models, the eco-system, architecture, online marketing and data protection. The results were amazing. Participants showed very good technical skills and a grasp for marketing and campaigns. They also gathered initial project management experience and successfully managed the challenges of an e-commerce project.

The team of the department and the participants were very positive about the practical experience gained and the cooperation with BE EXCELLENT.

"Due to the success of the first course we are very much looking forward to support the e-commerce education in future at the University of Leipzig “ said René Nytsch; who held lectures on various topics as well as accompanying the students during the practical training.