31. August 2017

BEE sponsors Bundesliga basketball team: Support for Science City Jena

BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) was founded and is headquartered in Jena, Germany and is very proud of the basketball heroes from Science City Jena that are playing in the German premier basketball league and sparkling the passion for sports beyond the city borders.

We are excited to announce that BE EXCELLENT will support Science City Jena again as an official sponsor in season 2017/2018. This will be the third season with BE EXCELLENT being a sponsor in the business club of Science City Jena.

The athletes from Jena now will have to pass 18 matches and compete with the other teams in the league. The season kick-off is going to take place on September, 29 with a match between Science City Jena and Fraport Skyliners. Good luck to Science City Jena! We are looking forward to a thrilling season!