27. September 2017

BEE sponsors exclusive dinner at eRetail Europe

Attracting senior managers and decision makers of the largest and most successful European retailers, the eRetail Europe is going to take place on the 4th of October 2017 in the Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam. This invitation-only event is part of the Amsterdam e-week – which is organised by EMERCE – and focuses on digital trends and future technologies for brands and retailers.

Being a proficient e-commerce partner for retailers, BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) will attend the eRetail Europe. The event is a further step towards strengthening the position of BE EXCELLENT as an e-commerce expert on the Dutch market.

The eRetail Europe offers both numerous networking opportunities and a remarkable lineup, including speakers such as Molly Williams (Head of Innovation and Digitization, Siemens), Bas Jansen (Conversion Specialist, Google) and Nils Wollny (Head of Digital Business Strategy & Customer Experience, Audi).

A special highlight of the eRetail Europe is an exclusive dinner in the restaurant Stork which will be sponsored by BE EXCELLENT.