23. October 2018

Billabong's online shop is now running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The Australian fashion label Billabong is a part of the Boardriders family and is known for its lifestyle clothing and accessories for the board sports: surfing, skating and snowboarding.

Boardriders has already implemented the highly scalable e-commerce platform Salesforce Commerce Cloud for their brands Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes, and now it is the new shop solution for Billabong, too. In a very short time the experts from BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) integrated the previous shop in the new environment which went live at the beginning of October in the US and Canada. 


The new homepage already catches the eye owing to its reduced main navigation with clear division into "mens" and "womens" sections. Gender-specific garments and accessories are grouped in the sub-navigation. Larger pictures and the clear design create a uniform look.


To enable Billabong's customers a faster purchase decision, there are "Quick View" buttons below every product image. Product details which are relevant for the buying decision are displayed in a clear and compact way when the customers click the pop-up window. The shopping process is, therefore, speeded up and items can quickly be added to the shopping cart.


High usability is ensured by Billabong's product detail pages, which provide all the relevant information for a purchase decision. Owing to new, bigger product images all items are now shown optimally from all sides with accompanying clear list of prices, available sizes and product reviews. Alternative product suggestions additionally boost the usability.


To reach its target groups with more specific information, the Australian label splits its communication channel into a Women's and Men's Community. Specific content about events, travel, styles and teams should not only meet the interests of users but also improve customer loyalty. Moreover, adding a blog subpage increases the search engine ranking of the website, improves the brand experience and strengthens the brand.


Another feature of the online shop is a store locator, which connects online and offline stores. Customers get an overview of brick and mortar stores nearby.


Brand loyalty pays off - which is not only positive for customers receiving discounts and loyalty offers of the lifestyle brand, but also for the company itself, by bringing customers closer to them.

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