20. September 2018

Boardriders connects physical store with e-commerce

Boardriders, Inc., is a global action sports and lifestyle company that owns and operates Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes.

Boardriders counts on multi-channel distribution and sells its products not only over-the-counter, but also online. The lifestyle brand has had an ambitious market expansion strategy and identified the online business as one of the most important areas for their sales growth. Since 2012, the online shop has therefore been running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a cloud-based e-commerce platform that has established itself as the ideal solution for such ambitious goals.

But this doesn't mean that the brick-and-click retailer neglects its brick-and-mortar stores, because the traditional store is still a popular channel to effectively present the products and to enable the best possible brand experience. Boardriders quickly recognized that both channels are important and therefore relies on Endless-Aisle (Salesforce Commerce Cloud product), a digital store solution that connects the online and offline worlds.


Behind the revolutionary solution stands a mobile application that supports store associates with sales. Owing to this, Boardriders not only provides its sales staff not only with a user-friendly and intuitive tool, but also gives them the opportunity to consult customers and process payments anywhere in the store.


The Endless-Aisle-Solution allows Boardriders to extend their in-store product selection through their online offering. As a result, customers have access to their full product range, both online and offline.


Boardriders enables its store associates to get an exact overview of product details, pricing and customer information.


Experts from BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) developed the mobile application for Quiksilver itself, but also for their brands DC Shoes and Roxy. The pilot version first went live in July 2017 in France – at the Boardriders 162 store in St Jean de Luz. After a three-month trial period and successful results, Boardriders rolled out the solution step by step worldwide. Nowadays, the Endless-Aisle-Solution is available in 65 stores in France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the US.