10. March 2015

BY MALENE BIRGER launched its new online shop

International premium luxury label BY MALENE BIRGER has changed their shop technology and has opted for the Demandware on-demand e-commerce platform. The fashion company launched its new online shop on the 9th March 2015. BE EXCELLENT took over migration from the previous full service solution and have integrated additional systems such as CRM and PIM.

BY MALENE BIRGER, a subsidiary of IC GROUP A/S, has since going live taken over complete direct management of the online shop – including logistic and client service. They have taken 100% operational control of the shop system and are able to react fast and agile to changing market situations.

From now on brand and e-commerce sites are interconnected and both on the Demandware platform – providing for a user-friendly customer journey, a rich brand experience and search engine optimization. On top of that BY MALENE BIRGER the luxury clothing line is available online in 14 countries, 5 languages and 6 currencies.

BE EXCELLENT have furthermore implemented their specially developed ‘OMS light’ solution in the Demandware platform – allowing for easy order management across all channels.