16. February 2017

Dept launches production agency Unskippable

With the launch of the new agency Unskippable, from today, agency network Dept is offering an own production agency for high-quality online visual content.

Diede in't Veld, well-known director of films, series and commercials for among other companies, NS, Opel and Danone, manages Unskippable. The team of twelve works on the basis of the Dept philosophy: the visual content enhances and supports the total of concept, production, media and data. Being central, having impact and reach, both in the Netherlands and cross-border.

Diede: "Video in itself is not new. It concerns the combination of creative concepts, innovative production and smart distribution. I believe that in the coming years we will move towards the complete integration of moving images." Clients can therefore also contact Unskippable for every visual content imaginable. From analogue black and white photos to virtual reality experiences and everything in between.

Paul Manuel, founder of Dept: "With Diede, who previously worked at TamTam as a consultant and then made a successful switch to film director, I believe that we have the recipe for an own label, focused on visual content. Someone who, on the basis of the total concept, looks and knows how important results are in the online world."

Unskippable (part of Dept) has meanwhile been responsible for the first productions of clients such as Univé, Philips, Florensis, DubbelFrisss and Chocomel.


Dept is made up of the agencies TamTam, Expand Online, a friend of mine, Second Degree, Building Blocks, Studio Dumbar, Be Excellent and Trust Agents. The network has 500 employees, a combined turnover of over €60 million and offices in Germany, UK, US, the Netherlands and Spain.