18. April 2018

Endless Aisle Solution in Stokke's new brand store

On April 19, Stokke opens its first brand store in Europe, more precisely in London. With their new store, Stokke produces a unique brand experience and creates the perfect symbiosis of minimalist, modern design and a natural Nordic atmosphere.

Stokke will present their entire collection of high-quality children's furniture and accessories, and provide their customers with all the information they need to make a holistic purchase decision.

The new store also makes shopping without a cash register available, while providing at the same time a seamless and cross-channel shopping experience. To ensure this, BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) linked the physical store to the online shop or integrated the 'Endless Aisle' application into the Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment.

This tablet app extends the power of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to the physical store. Via tablets, Stokke can offer its customers the entire range of products - online & in-store. If a customer decides for a product locally, the purchase will be processed cashless via the app with a credit card and the product can either be taken directly or delivered home (or to another desired address).

By doing this, the Norwegian cult brand can offer its customers a wider range than it has actually in stock, waiting in queues is no longer necessary and thanks to the delivery option, carrying heavy bags or even furniture is also obsolete.

The realization of the entire project was carried out in cooperation with the network Comp10ce.

Discover Stokke's unique digital store solution now and visit their brand store in London:

Stokke Brand Store
Westfield London, W12 7GF

Experience their whole online world:

Online Shop

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