28. March 2017

Freelance community eBrella becomes part of Dept

eBrella, the community for digital professionals, is joining the Dept network. This is the network's response to the growing demand by clients for flexible access to online specialists.

Paul Manuel, founder of Dept, believes eBrella is a logical addition to the network. "Digital is getting closer to the core business of our customers all the time. Speed is more important than it has ever been. Customers are working on reinforcing their 'digital ability', and are increasingly setting up their digital channels with a mix of their own employees, freelancers and specialists from agencies. With eBrella, we cater to this and offer high quality, flexible resourcing."

eBrella is a good addition not only for the customer, but for professionals as well. Paul: "There are many good people who would love to work with us on a freelance basis. eBrella gives them a place in our network so they can work with us on projects that make them happy."

Rachid Lechheb, owner of eBrella, is no stranger to Dept. Before he set up his business, he worked at TamTam, which is now a part of Dept. In his eyes, the choice is simple: "Dept fits in well with our community. There is an overlap of customer portfolios and profiles. It also fits in well with the focus on providing complete scrum teams. What's more, we've been working together for quite some time, and so I feel quite at home with respect to the culture and ambition within the network." Rachid believes that Dept provides eBrella freelancers the opportunity to work internationally and to work for even bigger brands.

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Dept consists of the agencies TamTam, Expand Online, a friend of mine, Second Degree, Building Blocks, Studio Dumbar, BE EXCELLENT, Trust Agents and Unskippable. The network consists of 500 employees with combined sales of more than €60 million, and offices located in the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, Germany and Spain.