11. December 2017

Karstadt Sport presents new online shop

The German provider of sporting goods, Karstadt Sport, launched its new online shop on December 11, 2017, build upon the e-commerce solution Salesforce Commerce Cloud. BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) migrated the shop within a short time and was also commissioned with the project consulting, training, and operations.

The shop relaunch is part of the growth and multi-channel strategy of the Karstadt Sport parent company - SIGNA Retail. The consistent orientation towards this strategy is also reflected in the "Mobile First" alignment. That's why the experts of BE EXCELLENT put the mobile functionality and usability in the foreground of their development efforts. Therefore, the sports giant fully meets the demands of its customers, because cross-channel shopping experiences increasingly influence the success or failure of a dealer .

Sports enthusiasts will find a variety of more than 15,000 different sports items online, which can be purchased in Germany as well as in Austria.

The stronger omnichannel orientation is also reflected in the website, as Karstadt Sport also draws attention to the stationary business online via the "store locator", which strengthens the integration of both channels.

But Karstadt Sport has not yet reached its final destination. The shop will constantly be developed further while the close fusion of online and offline channels will be focused on. 

Discover the new shop:

Karstadt Sport

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