23. April 2015

Peak Performance re-launches online shop

The Swedish premium brand Peak Performance has decided to re-launch its online shop onto the innovative and highly scalable Demandware e-commerce platform. BE EXCELLENT took over the technical consulting as well as the implementation services, which guaranteed a successful go-live on March 30th 2015 of 14 country sites, with 5 languages and 6 different currencies.

The new Demandware e-commerce platform empowers Peak Performance’s merchandisers with the control over the brand experience through numerous functionalities for maximizing profitability.

The technical highlights of the new shop are the responsive design as well as the implementation of the order management module, which BE EXCELLENT has specifically developed in-house. Furthermore, BE EXCELLENT integrated the CRM and PIM system in use an realized a plugin to support the return management. The improved SEO functionalities provide for a better brand experience and a higher level of usability for the customers.

Visit: Peak Performance