12. May 2017

Report on 8th annual German CX Summit: Are companies missing out on the digital transformation?

BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) in conjunction with Oracle attended the 8th Customer Experience Summit held on the 10th May 2017 in Klassikstadt in Frankfurt/Main. We had a very inspiring day at CX Summit, including lots of interesting conversations with e-commerce and customer experts from companies and agencies.

Next to 15 appointments with decision makers, BE EXCELLENT and Oracle hosted a round table on the subject: Are German companies missing out on the digital transformation? There were some issues to crystallise out for all of the attendees:

Companies want to transform – but does that also apply to their customers?
For example: Will the customers still insist on sending in purchase orders via fax?

Can we overcome internal silos and advance the interlocking of systems?
When departments of the same company do not wish to share information with each other, an efficient and continuous digital process is not possible. This requires the capturing of data in two or more systems, for example by printing information and re-typing them into another system.

As an interim conclusion, we would like to answer the question "Are companies missing out on the digital transformation?": No - but they are facing the challenge of making their employees and customers want to transform as well.

The round table was well visited and attracted 31 people who had a lively conversation on this topic. The visitors evaluated our round table very positively.

We thank all visitors for their interest and are already looking forward to the 9th Customer Experience Summit.