16. April 2018

Students develop their own online shops

For the fourth time, BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) supports the seminar "E-Commerce" at the University of Leipzig. Students studying informatics, business informatics and business administration have the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in an exciting project.

The special feature of this module is the high practical relevance, because the task of the students is to develop their own online shop based on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. BE EXCELLENT does not only provide the students with the software (Salesforce), but also supports them with advice and assistance.

At the end of the semester, the self-made shops will be demonstrated in the form of a group presentation. The team with the best implementation will be invited to the Berlin showroom to present their online shop to the management of BE EXCELLENT.

We are especially happy that one of the participants from the last event has been 'loyal to us' and supports us in our seminar and even takes over essential content points.

We are very excited about the block seminar, the common cooperation and the exchange of knowledge with the students.

Let's build an online shop...