09. August 2018

Students turn out to be talented shop developers

The end of the summer semester 2018 also means that the seminar "Introduction to e-commerce", organized by BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) at the University of Leipzig, is coming to an end. BE EXCELLENT offered students from different studies like informatics, business informatics and business administration the opportunity to expand their theoretical knowledge about e-commerce and to show their new know-how in form of a small implementation project on the basis of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution.

During the last semester, four different groups designed their own online shops and presented their results at the end of the seminar. Yesterday, BE EXCELLENT awarded the best team by choosing the best online shop. The winner was the group called "domestiq" who developed a shop for luxury furniture.

The winners received an Amazon gift card and the chance to present their online shop to and discuss the latest e-commerce trends with our BE EXCELLENT colleagues at the office in Leipzig.

For the fourth year in a row, the bachelor module took place in cooperation with the professorship of Application Systems of the University of Leipzig and BE EXCELLENT.

We would like to thank all students for their participation and the great results, as well as the Department of Application Systems for an outstanding collaboration.