04. June 2018


Following the success of BE EXCELLENT's (part of Dept) recruitment campaign on social media, it's time to go offline for a new superhero search. In order to generate as much attention as possible and to increase the possibility of new superheros for our team, BEE now advertises with the help of billboards in Erfurt, Weimar and Jena. 

As the name implies, we glorify our employees as superheroes because they do supernatural things for us. Every day, with know-how, passion and creativity, they lay the foundation for excellent cooperation with our clients.

Therefore, it is not surprising that BEE advertises in the 'War of Talents', means in the fight for new, talented employees, with a superhero motif in whose right-half, our well-known customers are reflected.

Thus, BE EXCELLENT brightens up in large-format advertising at the top locations in Thuringia. BEE relies on three of its excellent clients and promotes with 'American Golf', 'Ann Summers' and 'Parship', which, like BEE itself, stand for excellent service.

We hope that our first offline employer branding campaign will be successful, and that we will move one step further in the fight for the best talent.