08. June 2015

Tiger of Sweden adopts Demandware

The Swedish premium brand Tiger of Sweden has launched its online shop on the 30 March 2015 and has chosen Demandware´s e-commerce software. BE EXCELLENT was responsible for technical consulting and the complete implementation.

The change to the new e-commerce platform required a migration from the previous full-service solution. This enabled Tiger of Sweden to manage their online business themselves.

The strong international orientation of Tiger of Sweden is reflected in the numbers of rolled out shops – 14 countries, five languages and six currencies.

The shop was converted to a responsive design and is search engine optimized. A primary focus was to deliver a better customer experience and stronger brand awareness. This has been realized through the tight connection of brand- and e-commerce sites as well as advantages provided by the migration to the Demandware platform.

BE EXCELLENT has furthermore implemented their in-house developed OMS module – allowing for easy order management across all channels. BE EXCELLENT additionally created a plugin to support the return management, which is integrated into the company’s CRM- and PIM-system.

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