21. June 2016

Workshop | Interactive & Practical | Berlin

In today’s connected world one needs much more than impressive advertising and great operational performance to convert a prospect into a new customer. Digital savvy customers are used to miscellaneous touch points – e.g. website, blog, in-store, etc. – to form their opinion and finally for purchasing the product. These touch points are vital significance for brands and retailers, because they promote the permanent dialog between brand and clients  having a massive effect on brand awareness.  

The key success factor therefore is a consistent, unique and systematically implemented customer journey for retaining a continual brand-customer-dialog.

Customers now are channel-hoppers – they jump between channels for search, decision-making and interaction, each building their own unique pick-and-mix customer journey and disrupting traditional journey flows. Retailers need to take a 360°-view of integrated retail and should provide multiple channel touch points across the eco-system to provide permanent dialog. This is the major challenge!

BE EXCELLENT has developed a practical and interactive workshop in which we, together with you, other e-commerce experts and brands, take a 360°-view of integrated retail and also audit potential strengthens, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in each phase of the buyer decision process

DISCOVERY-WORKSHOP | 360°-Retail - you will learn more about:

  • How do you remain in a permanent and continuous dialog with your customers?
  • Can you scrap internal silos by using integrated technologies?
  • Which channels and touch points are essential for providing unique customer journeys?
  • How do you integrate a crossed-channel 360°-view? 
  • How do you make all activities transparent and measurable along the customer cycle and therefore make it more targeted and systematically optimised?    
  • How do you control resources and command customer interactions and channels?
  • What is the readiness level within your company for an 360°-view integration? Is your company prepared for the future and where are your internal weak points?


Event details:

  • Location: excellence Showroom in Berlin
  • Dates: 6 July | 7 July | 13 July | 20 July 2016
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Participation is free, but limited to 10 persons. Register now!