We bring together what belongs together.

Excellent Customer Journey

Eagle-eye view of the whole customer journey

The success of a company – whether it markets products or provides services – depends on the customer's satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, in turn, is not only determined by particular attributes such as quality and price – but results of all experiences in the course of a customer's journey.

To enable seamless, unique customer journeys, companies have to take a 360°-perspective on all touchpoints for optimising and harmonising each of these points.

For this 360°-strategy, BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) provides an extensive service portfolio. Our long-term experience with cloud-based solutions – especially in the fields of customer experience and e-commerce – as well as our international network of digital agencies and technology service providers put us in an outstanding position. We can provide our clients with and a holistic digital strategy and all services that are needed for consistent, unique customer journeys.

In this scenario, BE EXCELLENT acts as the "conductor" and coordinates the "orchestra", including all contributing partners in this ensemble.

This is how BE EXCELLENT brings together what belongs together.


  • 360° approach
  • Focused on cloud-based solutions
  • In-house development
  • Efficient implementation
  • Industry experts

Excellent consulting

For an excellent customer journey

The key to successful, sustainable customer acquisition and retention is an excellent customer journey. All of the customer's touchpoints with a brand or product need to be brought in line to enable consistent brand experiences that delight the customer at every step of his journey.

So much for theory – when it comes to everyday practice, however, the reality is all too often different. In many companies, internal silos prevent an integrated digital strategy and holistic customer journey management, so different departments of the same company don't always cooperate digitally.

At this point, BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) ties in with an extensive service portfolio. We support you in taking over a 360° perspective on customer journeys, eliminating weaknesses and overcoming internal silos.

Together we can design a consistent, fast-growing and unique customer engagement strategy.

Our consultants create, schedule and monitor the implementation of measures that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing system infrastructure.

Know-how and solution expertise that we bring to you result from our long-standing experience and a variety of successful projects with well-known clients.

BE EXCELLENT's employees are outstanding experts for e-commerce, omni-channel, as well as content & customer experience. We can provide you with the very best solutions for your individual purpose.

With our excellent consulting, you can make sustainable and efficient decisions and investments.



  • 360° strategy consulting
  • Business and commerce transformation reviews
  • Technology consulting
  • Cloud solution consulting
  • Technology coaching and training
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Omni-channel consulting

Excellent implementation

For fast and efficient solutions

As strategic partner of Salesforce and Oracle, BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) is a solution integrator specialised in the implementation of cloud-based only technologies along the customer journey – particularly Commerce, Marketing, Sales & Service Cloud.

BE EXCELLENT's valuable experiences are based on more than 345 implemented online shops, over 50 country rollouts and countless integrations of complementary technology systems.

We provide tailored solutions for various integration requirements, be it B2B or B2C, multi or single brand, national or international rollout, online pure player or brick & click, fashion or sports. These solutions provide you with efficient and sustainable implementations.

Focusing on our 360°-approach and aiming to harmonize all involved technologies, we do not only develop excellent online shops, but excellent customer journeys.

Well-known brands, retailers and service providers put their trust in our competence and choose BE EXCELLENT as a strong partner for realising their digital strategies.


Services at a glance

  • Rapid launch programs
  • Project and Program management
  • Implementation of new and optimisation of existing online shops (Commerce Cloud)
  • Integration of complementary technologies such as Marketing, Service, Sales Cloud and content management systems
  • Development of LINK cartridges for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK marketplace
  • Data integration and migration
  • Omni-channel integration
  • Planning and execution of comprehensive functional tests
  • Coaching and developer training of your employees
  • Quality assurance and performance checks

Excellent support

For smooth operations

Excellent usability, optimized checkout processes, intuitive navigations, as well as appealing designs are key success factors for excellent commerce. But what about performance and stability? They seriously influence the shopping experience of your customers and, in the end, your conversion rate.

BE EXCELLENT (part of Dept) realizes performance optimisations and takes care of the functional reliability of your systems, which allows you to focus on core business activities.

Working closely with our solution consultants, our experienced support engineers constantly monitor your system's performance and they will regularly inform you about room for improvements, new features and interesting industry trends. This will make sure that all implemented systems and features are up-to-date and your shop works excellently.


Services at a glance

  • 24 / 7 / 365 – solution support for all systems and solutions implemented by BE EXCELLENT
  • Administration of the testing and development environment
  • Regular updates of tools and plugins
  • Assignment of new change requests easily through the ticket system
  • Proactive monitoring of the key shop processes and functionalities, as well as all integrated third-party systems
  • Performance and reliability monitoring, proactive log file monitoring and investigation of error rates



Connect all sales channels and improve your customers satisfaction – using the omni-channel approach.




Merge your systems and boost your brand awareness – using content driven e-commerce approach.