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Consume across channels - Anywhere. Anytime. Any way.

Cross Channel Consume

Increasingly retailers are required to unify channels so digitally wired customers may buy: any time, anywhere in any way. Simultaneously stores face higher expectations on instant fulfilment. Out of stock items cause walkouts – worth an estimated loss of 4% all retail of sales. This has a direct correlation with poor customer satisfaction. Retailers end up needing to carry higher levels of inventory in-store to provide full product assortment, increasing inventory-carrying costs.

An omni-channel approach improves expectations and customer satisfaction. Cross channel consumers tend to actually spend more with their favourite retailers and brands. Retailers can provide a more customized experience because of being able to collect accurate data and do behaviour tracking across all channels.

Omni-channel assisted selling technologies can also provide in-store employees with more information, an endless aisle of product not necessarily in store and and a great offense for turning customer data into loyalty-building service.


  • Potentially unlimited product selection
  • Ability to research products in depth
  • Enable assisted selling for employees
  • Ability to search based on constructed preferences
  • Tracking of visitor behaviour across all channels
  • Ability to instantly test marketing strategies
  • Deliver to or from store
  • In-store pick up provides extra client contact to bonded customers


  • Rapid launch programs
  • Omni-channel consulting
  • Endless aisle apps
  • Service staff apps


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